Celina Lin, China’s “Queen of Poker”

Welcome to the fan page of Celina Lin, dubbed China’s reigning “Queen of Poker”! I first heard about Celina Lin from Business Insider. My first thought was those old Chow Yun Fat God of Gamblers movies except this is real life and she is an attractive female!

According to Business Insider in 2004 Celina Lin stumbled upon poker at the Crown Casino Poker room in Melbourne, Australia. That night she experienced great beginner’s luck and won a whole bunch of money. From that point on Lin was addicted to the game of poker and learned everything that she could about how to play and the different strategies.

She’s won first place in the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon main event multiple times and taken over $100,000 in winnings!

Celina Lin is married and currently residing in Macau.

Celina Lin’s Profile at PokerStars »

2 thoughts on “Celina Lin, China’s “Queen of Poker””

  1. Great interview on BI.
    Can you tell me more about your poker background?

    I understand you stumbled onto your poker career.

    What advice would you give to an aspiring amateur poker player, like myself?

    You mention in the interview, about discipline, and bank roll management as key to a successful poker career.

    Could you elaborate?

    Do you hire 3rd party consultants to oversee your finances and bankroll? Or do you prefer a more hands-on approach?


    Best Regards,
    Jeff Chon, MBA

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